Robert D. Wulff

Kenneth Kasten

Robert L. Hartle

John H. Schulte, Jr.

Wilson Lewis

George Kimbel




On July 16, 1962, five members of the Jackson community formed a corporation to start a golf course and country club. These five gentlemen: Robert Wulff, Robert Hartle, Kenneth Kasten, Wilson Lewis and John Schulte Jr. each spent $100.00 so the corporation could be started. With the help of Paul Mueller, a lawyer from town, they drew up the original by-laws and articles of incorporation for the club to govern their rules and regulations.

These original shareholders met with a gentleman named George Kimbel. Mr. Kimbel owned the Kimbeland Farm, which is the land the golf course currently occupies. Even though Mr. Kimbel was not a golfer and didn’t have any interest in playing, he and his wife, Lillian, liked the idea that they could sit on their porch and watch the players enjoying their rounds of golf. George Kimbel agreed to lease the land to build the golf course and loan any monies that were needed at an interest rate of 6.0%. The original plans were to build a nine-hole golf course with a clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts, with an additional nine-holes to be added as funds became available. The construction of the original nine-holes began in the fall of 1962 on approximately 78 acres of ground. A five-acre lake was added to the property to serve as the water source for the golf course. With the help of many Jackson citizens and businesses, the farmland started to turn into what looked like a golf course.

To gather funds together to help pay for the expenses, many of the charter members began traveling around the area trying to sell stock in the corporation. Each share of stock was sold for $100.00, which enabled the owners to obtain a membership without paying an initiation fee into the club. The Board of Directors set the dues for an annual membership to be $100.00 per year. They were able to get 90 members before the golf course was opened. George Kimbel funded any other monies that were needed to help build the course. Mr. Kimble did not believe in investing his money in stocks or bonds, but he was very generous with his money if he could have his name placed on his investment.

Including the help of the original members, many others including Jack and Jim Litz, Jim and Billy Joe Thompson, Wib Bangert, Palmer Hacker, Hassle Looney, Kelly Blackman, Bill Call, R.O. Hawkins, J.E. Hecker, Gene Cracraft and Bill Heyde Jr. began to put in the efforts to take the farmland and try and turn it into a golf course. Many companies including Kasten Clay Products, Calvin Phillips Excavating, Cape County Commissioners, Charlie Meyer Excavating, Litz Brothers Poultry and Bangert Auto Wrecking Service also donated their time and equipment to help.  Fencerows and trees were removed, land was tilled, the lake was constructed and the road and water lines were put in.


With the assistance of Albert Linkogel and Ray Freeburg, a golf course design company from St. Louis, the course was laid out over hilly, wooded land of Southeast Missouri. With recommendations from Linkogel and Freeburg, bent grass greens would be built which ensured that the members would be able to enjoy their golfing season year round. Bob Wulff was instrumental in overseeing the construction of the greens.

After the golf course opened in the spring on 1963, designs for a clubhouse were drawn. The Board of Directors decided to issue more stock to help fund the construction of the clubhouse. It was built in the fall of ’63 with plans to open in the spring of 1964. Now that the nine-hole golf course had a clubhouse, a motion was made to build a pool. Mr. Kimbel informed the Board of Directors that he would pay for the construction of the pool if he could design the shape. With approximately 300 members in the fall of 1965, the stockholders voted to build an additional nine-holes to make the first eighteen-hole golf course in Cape Girardeau County.

The membership was flourishing and the golf course was improving due to the hard work of the people involved. The golf course superintendents and their staffs kept the golf course in such a shape that it was voted the best golf course from St. Louis to Memphis. Mr. Blevens, a greenskeeper from Sikeston was the first superintendent, but due to his lack of experience with bent grass greens, Earl Siebert replaced him. Earl served as the superintendent until 1970, when Sherry Baker took over. Sherry continued to work for Kimbeland as the greenskeeper until 1996. David Chasteen took over the helm and served as the superintendent until 2002. Claude Ferguson was superintendent until 2014 when Dusty Cattoor became superintendent.

An integral part of having a country club with a clubhouse is to have somebody run the operation. The club hired a man named Penny Crabtree to oversee the business of the clubhouse and pro shop. Penny was replaced by Henry Vogel and then by Jim Thompson. Jim was the first person to own and operate the clubhouse as his own. He hired a kid named Bill Wampler to work for him, who went away to a Professional Golf Association School in Florida. When Bill came back, he took over for Jim and became the first P.G.A. member to be hired as the golf professional at Kimbeland. Many others have succeeded Bill, including Jess Simpson, Wes Duperier, Bill Curry, John Alexander, Brad Krutz, Larry Emery, Doug Dunbar, Todd Eastin and now Jim Davey, but the club has always kept the tradition of having a P.G.A. member serve as their golf professional.

A longstanding tradition of Kimbeland has been their associations that sponsor and help run the tournaments for members and outside guests. The Men’s and Ladies Associations were formed and their support for golf and the club has continued to this day. Both associations have formed leagues and tournaments as well as a bridge club for the ladies. Thursday has been ladies day since the club started and has played an important role in the social atmosphere the club has provided to its members and guests.

The golf course stayed the same until 1996, when a group headed by Jack Litvay, laid out a new and improved golf course with larger greens and a more challenging layout. The course continues to try and improve with the help of the current Board of Directors and the members. In 2000, golf course architect Art Schaupeter developed a long range plan for Kimbeland’s golf course. A portion of that plan has been completed including adding two additional holes and completely rebuilding holes 8 and 9. In December of 2006 construction began on a new 7000 square foot clubhouse which was completed in September of 2007.

All of this can be attributed to the young men who had an idea decided to dedicate their time and money to build a golf course and country club in the town of Jackson. And as they all knew, without the financial help and support of George Kimbel, there would be no Kimbeland Country Club.




Tee times are required before play begins. Generally, tee times begin at 8:00 am Tuesday thru Friday and 7:00 am on Saturday’s and Sundays (weather per- mitting). Members may make tee times up to 7 days in advance. Non- members (outside 30 miles) may reserve a tee time 4 days in advance. The golf course is closed on Mondays until 11:00 am tee times are not required.

Supervision of play on the golf course shall be at the discretion of the Golf Professional with the full support of the GM and the Board of Directors.

All players must register and check in with the pro shop before starting play. Players are expected to be at the teeing area no later than their tee time or they may be asked to wait until the next open tee time becomes available.

Only members and registered guests may use the golf course, driving range, putting green or fish in the lakes.

Play shall begin on hole #1 unless the Pro Shop gives other instructions. Each player must have their own set of golf clubs

From April 1st to September 30th, between the hours 10 am and 1 pm on weekends and holidays, only threesomes and foursomes will be allowed to tee off. Single players and twosomes will be paired and sent out as tee times al- low.

From October 1st to March 31st, winter rules are in effect. Groups of less than four can play at any time. Groups of five players are allowed at the discretion of the golf professional from November 1st till March 31st.

Each player is responsible for the care of the course and the grounds.

All players shall repair ball marks, replace or sand fill divots and rake all bunkers after use.

Do not litter. Please use the trash containers.

Drive golf cars in a responsible and respective manner. Stay on paths when instructed. Radios should be kept at a reasonable volume.

Everyone should behave in a responsible and respectable manner.
Loud, obscene or profane language is prohibited in the clubhouse, pool area and on the golf course.

Fighting, wrestling, scuffling or any horseplay is prohibited. The responsi- ble parties shall pay for any damage occurring from such behavior.

All food and beverage consumed must be purchased from the clubhouse.

Members may not reprimand other members or club employees. They should notify the club manager or golf professional and register their com- plaint. The club manager and/or Board of Directors will deal with the com- plaint in a timely manner.

Snack Bar and Pro Shop accounts are payable by the 20th of the following month. Any account past due may be charged a service fee of 1.5% per month. Any account that reaches sixty days past due, will be closed and no charges will be allowed until the account is settled. Failure to settle this debt may result in loss of membership privileges.



Keep pace with the group in front of you. If impossible to keep pace, allow waiting groups to play through. Pace of play is not determined by time only.

Practice on the course is prohibited, use designated practice areas only.

All players must adhere to the dress code. Proper golf attire must be worn at all times while on the golf course. (i.e. No tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops)

Soft spikes only. No metal spikes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Be careful. Do not hit into other players or employees working on the golf course and practice areas. Golf bags or pull carts should not be placed on the tee boxes or the greens.



Golf carts can be rented thru the pro shop. Yearly cart leases are also available. Riders in a leased golf cart are responsible for paying the appli- cable cart rental fee. Only one family leased cart can be out at the same time.

Members are allowed to own and operate a private golf cart. Members prior to January 1, 2017 may have one co-owner provided the co-owner was also a member prior to January 1, 2017. Use of the cart is limited to the co-owners and their immediate families.

Only two riders per cart. Only two carts per group.

You must be 16 years of age or older to operate a golf cart without adult supervision.

Members are not allowed to loan their private cart to a guest or other member at any time unless approved by management.

Golf carts should be kept on the paths wherever possible. They shall not be driven on or close to greens, tees or bunkers. Carts should never be inside the white posts in front of the greens. Carts shall remain on paths an all par 3’s. In winter months, carts will remain on the path at all times.

In summer months, drive carts at a 90-degree angle to and from your ball at all times that the course is open to carts (not cart path only). When the course is closed, golf carts must remain on the paths. his applies mainly to fisherman.

During open tournaments, non-members may bring their private cart.



Yearly cart shed rental rates will be set by the Board of Directors. The club will furnish all utilities. Please do not store gasoline in the cart sheds. General repairs and improvements can be made by the owner. Structural repairs will be the responsibility of the club.

To rent a storage shed, you must first contact the club manager to see what 8

is available. If cart sheds are full, your name will be placed on the cart shed waiting list.

Cart sheds may be co-owned if both memberships were active prior to Janu- ary 1, 2017. To become a co-owner of a cart shed, your name must be on the cart shed waiting list for at least one year. The first name entered on co- owned cart shed is considered the primary owner and is billed the annual rental fee. A two-year period is required before a co-owner can become the primary owner.

A current shed owner may request to be moved, if and when another shed becomes available. To do so, notify the club manager, asking that your name be added to the move list. When openings occur, members on the move list will have the first opportunity at the vacant shed.

Kimbeland Country Club is not responsible for any theft or vandalism occur- ring in golf cart storage sheds. It is the responsibility of the member/rentor to obtain coverage for contents including a golf cart.



Generally, guests must live at least 30 miles from Jackson. Perryville and Sikeston are considered outside the thirty-mile area. Out of town guests may make a tee time up to 4 days in advance and may play an unlimited amount of times per year.

Local guests (inside the 30 mile radius) are not allowed to make tee times and may only play 4 times per year. (Open tournaments, outings or practice rounds included with open tournaments do not count.)

Members sponsoring a local guest must play with them or notify the Pro Shop that the player is a member’s guest. A telephone call is sufficient. Allmembers are required to make sure their guests are checked in and pay the required fees. Members should notify the pro shop when bringing guests on Mondays and are responsible for the applicable fees.  Outings are permitted and limited at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Outings must be scheduled in advance. All food and beverage must be pur- chased from Kimbeland Country Club unless approved by the club manager or the Board of Directors. The organization, which sponsors the outing, is responsible for the fees for each player in the outing and is responsible for any damages that may occur during the event.  The golf course will be closed to members for these events. 



A driving range is provided for golfing members only. Range balls are provided by the club at no extra charge. Non-members at the range are not permitted unless approved by the golf pro.

Signs are posted to notify members when the range is open or closed and whether or not to hit balls off of the grass or mats. If unsure, check with the golf pro or the general manager. Range will generally be closed on Mondays until 11 am for maintenance. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

Golf carts taken to the range should be parked in designated areas only.

Please be careful. Behavior and etiquette rules apply to the driving range as well as the golf course. Please refrain from hitting balls when em- ployees are picking or mowing the driving range.



All persons using the swimming pool must sign in upon arrival and re- port to the lifeguard on duty. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Only members and registered guests may use the swimming pool. Each membership is allowed ONE guest per day and the guest fee must be paid.

Members may enlist the use of a babysitter, who is not a member, to bring their children to swim and swim themselves. The guest fee must be paid.

Registered members and/or guests may use the pool under these terms:

Children thirteen years of age and younger must have parental or guardian supervision at all times

Guardian supervision is limited to persons at least sixteen years of age or older

No Running, profanity, fighting, roughhousing in the pool area No dangerous jumps, dives, flips or games
No glass bottles or containers allowed in the pool area

No hanging on the rope.
No rafts or tubes allowed in the pool when crowded Water diapers must be worn in place of normal diapers Only the lifeguard is allowed in the lifeguard chair

When entering the building to use the clubroom or rest rooms swimmers must be completely dry and wear a shirt and/or coverup and shoes.

No food or beverage is allowed in the pool Guest use is restricted to all of the following:

Sponsoring member must be in attendance
Guests must pay the guest fee
One guest per membership allowed per day
Pool guests are restricted to the pool and clubhouse facilities

All food and beverage must be purchased from Kimbeland Country Club. Obvious exceptions such as baby food, formula, etc. are permitted.

Safe and responsible use of the facility is mandated as follows:
A lifeguard must be present for the pool to be considered open

The lifeguard has ultimate authority and all safety rules must be followed.

Members are not to reprimand a lifeguard at any time. If a problem arises contact the general manager or a board member and the prob- lem will be addressed.

Persons must wear a proper swimsuit when using the pool. A shirt or cover is required when entering the clubhouse facilities. Swimmers must be completely dried off.

The pool is generally available for private parties from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. A rental fee must be paid. Contact the lifeguard or the general manager to schedule a party. Lifeguards will be provided. Food and beverages must be pur- chased from Kimbeland unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Lifeguards are available for swimming lessons before and after established pool hours. Pool hours are set by the general manager and approved by the Board of Directors.

Members are responsible for damages caused by their guests. Members should make all guests aware of all pool rules.

If rules are not followed, the lifeguard has the responsibility for disciplinary action. This may include the patron sitting out or being asked to leave the pool area. If necessary, the general manager has the authority to suspend members from returning for up to 2 weeks. The general manager or the Board of Direc- tors will decide discipline greater than this.



The following is a schedule of progressive disciplinary procedures for non- compliance with club policies and rules:

The first step is a verbal warning issued by the general manager or Board of Directors.

A second violation will result in a written reprimand from the Board of Direc- tors.

A third violation will result in suspension of club privileges for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors.

A fourth violation will result in expulsion from the club.

In cases of a third or fourth violation, the member is entitled to a hearing before the Board of Directors. A written notice of the date, time and place of the meet- ing shall be given to the member. The notice shall state the specific grounds to be considered at this hearing.

There is no recourse after this hearing.

The severity of the infraction may result in all or part of the above steps being passed over. The Board of Directors will make this decision.



The following are guidelines, adopted by the Board of Directors to deal with members who deface or destroy club property:

The first event shall result in a one hundred dollar fine and a suspension for a length of time to be determined by the general manager and Board of Directors. In addition, the member will be responsible for any cost incurred to repair the damages.

A second offense will result in a two hundred fifty fine and a suspension for a length of time to be determined by the Board of Directors. In addition, the member will be responsible for any cost incurred to repair the damages.

A third offense results in a lifetime expulsion from the club with no refund of dues or assessments. The member shall be held liable for costs of repair.

In each case above, the member is entitled to a hearing. The Board of Directors shall send a written notice containing the date, time, place and specific grounds to be considered. There is no recourse to this hearing.



Non-members who are on the premises without having been escorted onto the prem- ises by a member will be considered trespassers and will be prosecuted under appli- cable law.

Any member who escorts or allows a non-member onto the golf course who is not otherwise authorized by the rules to use the golf course, will be fined two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). Should any member be guilty of an infraction of this rule on a second occasion, that member shall be expelled from the club without any refund of dues or initiation fee.



Candidates for membership should complete an application and submit it to the club for approval by the membership committee and Board of Directors.

Dues are set annually by the Board of Directors. All dues for mem- bership may be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Annual dues are due January 1st. Semi-annual dues are due January 1st and July 1st. Quarterly dues are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. Members may also pay dues monthly under certain conditions. Check with the general manager for details.

If dues are 30 days late, membership privileges may be suspended. There is a service charge for quarterly and monthly payments.


Full Membership

For married couples or single individuals who wish to allow their dependent children access to the club. Grants all the privileges of the club to the member and his/her immediate family. Immediate family includes the spouse and children 24 years of age or less re- siding within the member’s household. Absence from the home of children attending college does not disqualify them from the privi- leges of a family membership.


Senior Membership
For married couples or individuals 65 years of age or older.


Individual Membership
For unmarried men or women


Junior Membership

For individuals and families under the age of 35 years who would otherwise qualify for a family or single membership. Junior rates apply until age 30 at which time dues will gradually increase until age 35 at which time full membership rates will apply.

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For individuals residing at least 30 miles or more from Jackson, Missouri. Persons maintaining a winter residence outside the state of Missouri for at least six months each calendar year can also qualify.


Inactive Membership

For current members who change their address to a distance that makes it impossible to exercise club privileges regularly. Inac- tive members may enjoy club privileges while on reasonable visits and vacations to this locale. Allows for six 18 hole rounds per year.


Medical Leave

For current members who cannot use their club privileges due to medical reasons. A written request must be submitted and ap- proved by the Board of Directors. Generally limited to condi- tions resulting from surgery although other exceptions may ap- ply. Usually set at 3 month intervals.


Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships allow companies to purchase a maxi- mum of 100 rounds of golf to be used by company employees and customers. Only registered persons from the company are allowed to secure tee times. None of the other club amenities are included ie swimming pool, driving range etc.


Social Membership

Social memberships allow access to the clubhouse, lakes and swimming pool. Also included with a social membership is six (6) rounds of golf per year with no greens fees. Current golf members (single or full) can move to a social membership and not forfeit their initiation fee paid when they originally joined

the club as a full or single member. Driving range privileges are not included with social memberships unless it is in con-junction with the use of one of the six included rounds of golf.



The Men’s Golf Association and the Women’s Golf Associa- tion sponsor open tournaments as well as numerous in-club events throughout the year. Membership includes maintain- ing handicaps for members during the year.

Leagues begin approximately the beginning of May and run thru July each summer. Men’s league is on Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm. Ladies league is also on Wednesday evenings at 5:30. See the Golf Professional for further details and avail- ability.

Kimbeland also holds 5 open golf tournaments during the golfing season each year. Entries are for members as well as non-members.

Kimbeland also offers a Junior golf program during the early summer months sponsored by our Golf Professional.

Kimbeland also hosts several charity golf outings during the year usually one day events on either Mondays or Fridays. These outings help generate additional revenue for the club and help keep dues lower.

The banquet room facility is also available for rental for pri- vate parties and receptions complete with an overhead pro- jector and screen for presentations. See the clubhouse man- ager for details and costs.